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Testing for §1194.22 (e): Server-Side Image Maps

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This module will focus on testing server-side image maps.

The Section 508 requirement that covers this is: §1194.22 (e) Redundant text links shall be provided for each active region of a server-side image map.

If no server-side maps are present (img with the ismap attribute), the page passes this provision. If a server-side map is found (img with the ismap attribute and no valid usemap attribute), the question is whether or not redundant text links are available.

Server-side image maps are inherently inaccessible. They rely on a mouse click to send the coordinates of the pixel location where the mouse pointer is located. If you do not use a mouse and use the keyboard to tab to the image, the coordinates of 0,0 will be sent by default when the user presses Enter.

If a server-side map is used, it must be evaluated for the availability of redundant text links for all the active regions of the map.

Related Checkpoints

Remember, both testers and developers can use the checkpoints for this requirement to be sure the products they are working with will be accessible to users of Assistive Technology (AT).

Use the link above to look at the checkpoints now. You may wish to keep the window open as a reference to use as you complete this module.

Video Overview of this Requirement

To view an approximately two-minute video with additional information which may be helpful to testers and developers, select the video link below. This same video supports both the Server-side and Client-side Image Map modules and may be reached from both modules. The video will open in a new window; if you are using a screen reader to take this training, press enter when you hear, "To start, press Play button."

Client-Side Image Maps Video in new window

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