Section 508 Checklist for Software Applications and Operating Systems
§1194.21 (d) User Interface Elements Checkpoints
1194.21 Checkpoint Yes No N/A Comments
(d) Sufficient information about a user interface element including the identity, operation and state of the element shall be available to assistive technology. When an image represents a program element, the information conveyed by the image must also be available in text.        
d.1 Do user interface elements, including custom controls and informative graphics, provide a textual name, description, role, state, and value? * * *  
d.2 Are obscured layered components and content made inactive by pop up, panels, or page tabs, unavailable to assistive technologies? * * *  
d.3 Are shortcut keys and mnemonics indicated when the user interface element is not in the tab order? * * *  
d.4 Is hierarchy indicated for components including text? * * *  
d.5 Are the proper programmatic accessibility events fired to provide context changes? * * *