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Testing for §1194.21 (h): Animation

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Testing with AT

The testing criteria for this requirement are similar whether you are testing with or without AT. To use AT for testing, perform these tasks:

  • Using a screen reader, such as JAWS or Window-Eyes:
    • Confirm that a user can locate animation controls, that the controls work as expected and that the user can gain keyboard focus.
    • Confirm that animation with audio does not begin playing automatically, interfering with audio from the screen reader.
    • Confirm that non-animated alternatives provide the same level of information and functionality as the animation. If the animation is interactive, the non-animated option must also be interactive.
    • Confirm that the screen reader can read audio or textual alternatives to animation.
  • Confirm that textual alternatives can be viewed with screen enlargement software.


Use these criteria to make your evaluation of the related checkpoints:


Pass if all these criteria are met:

  • A non-animated alternative exists for each animated object.
  • Non-animated alternatives provide the same level of information and functionality as the animated object(s).
  • The animation can be started, stopped and stepped through using AT.
  • Animation with audio does not start automatically.
  • Visual information conveyed by the animation is also provided through audio or textual means.
  • Screen transitions settle within 5 seconds.


Fail if any one of the above conditions is not met.

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