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Testing for §1194.21 (a): Keyboard Access

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Testing without AT

Follow the same steps as in Testing with AT, using the keyboard to access all features. The same criteria also apply; they are provided below for your reference.


Use these criteria to make your evaluation of the related checkpoints:


Pass if all these criteria are met:

  • Menus, drop-down lists, and unique toolbar functions can be accessed and used from the keyboard alone.
  • Selecting, copying, and pasting can be done using only the keyboard.
  • Objects and windows can be moved, resized and manipulated using only the keyboard.
  • Information that is revealed by hovering over it with a mouse can also be revealed using only the keyboard.
  • It is possible to navigate to all panes in the application using only the keyboard.


Fail if any one of the above conditions is not met.

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