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Creating Accessible Flash Course

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Creating Accessible Flash Course – Ensuring Keyboard Accessibility

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User Perspective: Need for Shortcuts

Select the Example link below to experience a common problem: the elements in the application are keyboard accessible, but they require too much effort to use as easily as with a mouse. Try it. Press the Tab key multiple times to reach the Next button and press the Enter key to activate the Next button — a "Well Done" message will appear. Screen reader users should use Ctrl+Enter to activate the Next button. The presentation will open in a new window.

Need for Shortcuts User Experience Example in new window

You had to press Tab many times to reach the Next button. Users of the keyboard such as those with mobility impairments or those using screen readers often experience this issue. A shortcut keystroke is needed. Open the example again and this time tab into the Flash file and press the shortcut assigned to the Next button, Control+Shift+Period.

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