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Creating Accessible Flash Course

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Creating Accessible Flash Course – Enabling Accessibility

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Flash applications are not automatically accessible. Developers must take specific steps to enable accessibility at the application level and at the individual component level to let assistive technology (AT) know that the application and components are there. They must also provide informative accessible name properties for the AT to report. In addition, if a Flash application is to be deployed on the web, developers must ensure that the application will interact accessibly with the host web page.

In this lesson, you will learn about enabling accessibility and providing accessible name properties in Flash. You will learn how users with disabilities are affected when accessibility is not enabled. The technical part of this lesson explains how to enable accessibility at the application level, including additional instructions for ensuring that Flash that is destined for the web is accessible, and how to provide Flash applications with an accessible name.

As you proceed, remember that enabling accessibility is only a first step. It does not, by itself, provide enough information to assistive technology to make the application 508 compliant.

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